NYC- Donald Trump, the Former President of the U.S, has forced the federal judges to grant him access to his Twitter account which was suspended by the company because of the deadly case related to U.S Capitol storming.

The main attorneys of Trump have filed a petition in the U.S. District Court in Miami while seeking a preliminary injunction against the company and its CEO, Jack Dorsey. According to the motion, it was argued that Twitter censored content shared by Trump as it violated his First Amendment rights.

However, Twitter declined to comment on the case filed by attorneys of Trump on Saturday.

Twitter previously permanently banned Trump’s account from all their platforms after he and his followers stormed the Capitol building and also tried to block Congress from certifying the victory of Joe Biden. Twitter also put forward their concerns that Trump would further be violating their rights. Before the Ban, Trump’s account had more than 89 million followers only on Twitter.

Not only was his Twitter account suspended, but he was also abducted from Google, YouTube, and Facebook accounts over a similar case that he would promote further violence. In addition, the ban on Facebook accounts will last for two years and he will be able to gain access until Jan 7, 2023. Even after that, the company will review his suspension. On the contrary, the YouTube ban period is not defined yet.

Donald Trump also filed a lawsuit against all three tech companies along with their CEOs where he claimed that he and his followers’ content have been wrongfully censored.