After an agreement was signed between the two major parties in the US, Donald Trump will not be impeached until the next month. Earlier, House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi had hinted at sending the impeachment article to the Senate on Monday.

The trial is set to start on February 8.

On January 6, the Washington DC Capitol became a battlefield when protesters tried to enter the Capitol by force. It is believed that these protesters were encouraged by Donald Trump, himself, and he will be impeached for it.

It has never happened in the history of America that a president who just left office, is being called upon for a trial.

Donald Trump did not attend Biden’s inaugural ceremony. He left with his wife on Wednesday, four hours before Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. Trump is planning to launch his new political party called the Patriot party.

Senator Schumer has repeatedly claimed that Trump’s impeachment trial will be fair and free.

Republicans and Democrats are still working out a way to work together for the next four years, under the Biden Administration. In the meantime, Senator McConnell has asked the House Democrats to delay the impeachment article until the end of January.

This request was not entertained because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wanted to make sure that this trial starts early. McConnell came up with a great idea that it will give time for Biden to confirm his cabinet officials, but Pelosi stood her ground.