Trump and Biden are not getting along as the transition period is not smooth, a fact that puts Biden in an odd position. He aims to protect the economy and use all the resources in the country to prevent another recession.

Trump is the reason that Biden may not be able to instantly execute his plans for the economy. Trump’s economic policies to please the municipalities and other organizations before elections have put America’s economy in jeopardy.

Biden’s Plans To Revive The U.S. EconomyBiden cannot execute all the plans that he has sought for the economic reforms as he hopes to take office in January. The economic reform is now the secondary concern of Biden as his fellow Democrats are failing in Senate elections.

Biden is facing a challenging phase right after the election and with little time to rejoice. The reason behind all this is that the country has been taken by a storm as the pandemic hit it.

Biden cannot make false promises to the people anymore and he must admit to the fact that things are not getting normal. This must be a tough decision for him as he has already made plans for his economic policies.

Trump Influence On Biden’s Plans Biden has although taken a wise decision of appointing Janet Yellen as his Treasury Secretary. She can bring in the experience she has gained while working in the Fed system.

The current Treasury Secretary is not helping as he is pulling the plug from the lending programs. These programs were started to help the small businesses and he deems it unnecessary now.

This idea was extremely unappreciated by the Democrats and Biden wants Yellen to reconsider this decision. But if Trump lets this happen, then Biden will have to give in and come up with something new.

Building on something new completely from scratch can be difficult as he fears losing in the Senate. Trump understands the restlessness in the camps of Democrats and has prepared for a final knock.

Biden will have to work around the current situation and come up with something innovative. All eyes are on him and people will surely criticize him over Trump if he fails to deliver in the early days.