For the first time in a century, the paper, Union Leader from New Hampshire has supported a Democratic candidate.

Trump visited the state on Sunday to get support; however, he was met by Union Leader’s editorial.

The paper has a history of being proud conservatives but this time around, they are insisting that even though Joe Biden is a Democrat and the conservatives may not want to elect him, he is the need of the hour for the U.S.

Joe Biden has a lead of more than 10 points in New Hampshire according to polling averages. Trump is also lagging behind in national and battleground state polls, resulting in many speaking out against him.

The paper added that they do not entirely disagree with Trump and he may not be wrong, but he is wrong for America. Although they are backing Biden in these elections, they have advised the GOP supporters to elect Republican senators and representatives as well.

‘Trump is 100% wrong for America’ Conservative New Hampshire Paper Supports BidenThey end the article by stating that Trump is the opposite of practical, pragmatic, and thoughtfulness and he does not deserve to be elected for another term.

Four years ago, in 2016, The Union Leader also backed Chris Christie in the primary instead of a Republican which infuriated Trump. In addition to this, they also supported the Libertarian candidate in the presidential elections of that year.

As the elections are just around the corner, numerous other publications have voiced their endorsements. USA Today also came out in support of Biden.

The Topeka Capital-Journal from Kansas also supported Biden even though the state is a Republican stronghold.

They have endorsed Biden because they believe he will follow the advice of health professionals and scientists to handle the pandemic better. They also added that even though he is a Democrat, he deserves the support of the state anyway.

Even Trump’s chief of staff has stated that they will not be able to control the pandemic. Trump continues to propagate false information at his rallies, stating that the country is ‘rounding the corner’ regarding the pandemic.

However, he did not address the spike in coronavirus cases and predictions that a second wave may be in store for the country. He also failed to mention the number of deaths that have reached 225,530 as well as recent news of the virus infecting senior staff and the vice president.