Recently, the former president of the United States, Barack Obama made an appearance at Biden’s campaign trail to endorse Biden and Kamala as well as to criticize Trump.

He emphasized how Donald Trump has been handling the coronavirus pandemic, dismissing health professionals’ advice, and throwing caution to the wind. More than 220,000 Americans have lost their lives to the pandemic and millions more have contracted the virus including Trump himself.

He goes on to say that the president can’t protect us, because he wasn’t even able to protect himself. He adds that cases of the coronavirus are increasing again.

He also emphasized the importance of this election and how it will influence everything for decades to come.

Former President Obama won twice in Pennsylvania, however, Trump managed to win them over in the 2016 elections. This time around, both Trump and Biden have visited the state multiple times with advertising and promotional stunts.

As reported by the RealClearPolitics state polls, Biden is leading in Pennsylvania but with a narrow margin.

‘Trump isn’t going to protect us,’ Obama back on the campaign trailObama also encouraged black people and young people to vote. He believes that the polls are misleading. After all, they didn’t present an accurate picture last time either because a lot of people did not vote.

In 2016, black voter turnout fell across the country. Obama also held a meeting with black elected officials where he encouraged the black community to vote. He empathized with them by saying that he understands their struggle and that it’s hard to have hoped when progress is so slow.

He explained that even during his presidency, he was not able to counter systematic racism as quickly as he would’ve liked. He goes on to add that one election won’t solve everything, but it will certainly make things better.

Obama’s appearance at the campaign trail was an event many Americans were looking forward to, however, it was postponed due to the pandemic. He will now be appearing in numerous public events to endorse Biden and Kamala to the American citizens.

He vouched for the two by saying that they would not ignore the advice of health professionals or propagate conspiracy theories. He also said of Biden that he has the expertise and temperament to become the president as he can efficiently handle all the crises America is facing at the moment.