One hundred people might be pardoned by Donald Trump in his final attempt to clear the names of rioters. Trump administration is busy making a list of people who will be pardoned, just before he leaves the office.

Trump is also facing allegations against announcing the Presidential pardon for himself and the family. But this has turned out to be a false accusation, and his legal counsel believes that the family does not need it either.

Attorneys are skeptical of a President pardoning himself, and it can backfire for Trump and his future career. In the future, Trump is planning to run for the President following Biden’s first four-year term.

President Trump has also been advised to not pardon the people who participated in the Washington DC riots. The Republican Senators and legal advisors have advised him to stay away from the matter as this will spark another riot on Biden’s inauguration day.

The National Guard has been on high alert in Washington DC and some states to avoid any violent activity in the country. The overall security has been overhauled and the Secret Service will be taking charge of the entire day’s activities.

Another important name to look at in the potential list of people being pardoned is Snowden. He is a declared criminal and a fugitive who has leaked information about surveillance operations of the country.

This is not something new for a president to announce last-minute pardons, it has happened in the past as well. Presidents like George W. Bush and Bill Clinton have pardoned their supporters in important cases as they were leaving the office.