President Donald Trump is not spending this Thanksgiving at his resort in Florida, Mar-a-Lago for the first time since he became president four years ago in 2016.

At first, it was reported that he was planning to visit Palm Beach for Thanksgiving. However, later the spokesperson for the First Lady, Melania Trump, announced on Twitter that the family will be staying at the White House for the holiday.

In the past three years, he visited Mar-a-Lago every year on Thanksgiving. In 2019, he traveled from the resort to Afghanistan to surprise the troops over there. In 2017 and 2018, he called the troops who were stationed at bases abroad as well as dropped by the local coast guard’s station.

This year as well, Trump is planning to get in touch with the troops again, carrying on with the tradition. He will be video conferencing with people from the military.

Trump gives a speech every year on Thanksgiving. This year he talked about remembering and appreciating the soldiers of the armed forces who cannot be in the United States right now with their families. He described them as brave and selfless for defending and fighting for us in foreign countries and at home, even during the holiday season.

 Plans To Spend Thanksgiving At The White House This YearHe proceeded to thank the law enforcement officers as well as first responders for serving and protecting us during the Thanksgiving holidays when the rest of the nation is busy in celebrations.

The White House press secretary spoke on Trumps’ change of plan during an interview and stated that it was because Donald Trump has a lot of work on his hands at the moment.

She explained that the president is working on the coronavirus crisis, in addition to reducing the number of troops stationed in Afghanistan and Iran by calling them back to the United States. She continued to add that he has been working very hard on these issues as well as others.

President-elect Joe Biden also spoke about his Thanksgiving plans in a virtual meeting with healthcare professionals. Due to the rising number of coronavirus cases, he plans to spend his Thanksgiving with only three people.

He continues to add that he has a huge family and they’re together for almost everything but for now, the situation calls for limiting the celebrations to your household because the families cannot meet as of now.