As the inauguration day draws closer, President Trump is working to get his last orders implemented.

Meanwhile, the second impeachment trial will start as soon as Biden takes oath, Trump stays uninterested in following different traditions that have been considered a ritual in the White House.

The President was furious the other day when one of his advisors made a stark comparison between him and former President Nixon, the last president who stepped down from the office. He showed his anguish by lashing out at the advisor. He further added, “I am not going to resign from the office also I cannot rely on Mike Pence for being at par with Henry Ford.”

President Trump has affirmed that he is not resigning from the office even the pressure grows on him to step down. He does not consider himself defeated at all.

Trump has announced that he will not be attending the inauguration ceremony of US president-elect Joe Biden and is still undecided about leaving a letter for Biden at the Oval Office. Both these actions are considered as a tradition to be carried out by the departing presidents and have been in practice for a long, as a peaceful part of the transition of power between the two administrations.

Apart from leaving the office, it’s how the situation has turned gruesome within a few days – and after the Capitol Building incident – so many of Trump’s allies have changed their sides and many of his financial aides have severed ties with him. He is all set to face the 2nd impeachment trial in the next couple of days.

Trump watched the impeachment live on tv, and is furious against the Republican House members who voted in favor of the impeachment. The fear of legal battles – that await him as soon as he leaves the office – is evident from the moves that he is making. He has issued pardons for influential people and is planning for a new legal team to defend him against an impeachment trial.