The fact that people are dying of coronavirus in America and the sitting president is nowhere to be seen is appalling. President Trump has not spoken on the issues disrupting the distribution of the vaccine, choosing instead to focus on his continued battling of supposed voter fraud.

More than 340,000 people have died from COVID in America last year. This number is comparable to the Second World War and still, the casualties in the war were far less than the number of people who have died due to this pandemic.

The US continues to combat a virus that many still see as a non-issue. This is no less than a battle as human lives are at stake and nothing has been done by the president.

After losing the election, Donald Trump wanted to go after Joe Biden for rigging the elections. He continued to press the issue and has gone through many courts to make a case about the fraudulent elections.

But to no one’s surprise, the cases were dismissed from the court because Trump could not provide any solid proof. He has also made the transition process for Joe Biden difficult, putting the public in further danger as Biden has less power to focus on the problems currently gripping the country.

This kind of behavior on part of the US president is difficult to understand. And the fact that Donald Trump has kept silent over the issue of coronavirus is also disturbing.

There have been distribution complications as the operation Warp Speed seems to be crumbling. Millions of Americans need to be vaccinated, but the distribution lag is disturbing the entire cycle.

President Trump has only talked about the alleged fraudulent election of 2020 and has not touched on the delays in vaccine distribution. Many believe that since the distribution is almost on the brink of failure, Donald Trump must speak up on this matter soon.