In a campaign call recently, Donald Trump mocked the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Even though cases of the coronavirus are increasing at an alarming rate, Trump proceeded to call all of the health professionals ‘idiots’ and claimed that America is ready to move on from the pandemic.

He also stated that if Fauci was given charge more than half a million Americans would have succumbed to the virus. An advisor of the president disapproved of this move as Elections are only two weeks away and campaign officials are trying to steer clear of the topic of the pandemic.

Serving the NIH since 1984, Fauci received the National Academy of Medicine’s first-ever Presidential Citation for Exemplary Leadership award. He also serves in the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

Fauci said in this speech that they are not out of the woods yet as they have so many hurdles ahead of them and he is concerned because of how anti-science beliefs are being propagated among the American people.

The staff of Trump’s presidential campaign is aware that voters trust Fauci’s opinion hence they created a TV ad that implied that Fauci approves of the way Trump has dealt with the pandemic.

Trump Ridicules Fauci and Continues To Spread Misinformation about the PandemicFauci, however, spoke out on this stating that what he said was taken out of context. He criticized the ad and requested the campaign managers to take it down immediately.

Trump is lagging in polls due to his behavior concerning the virus. He has also repeatedly mocked his competitor, Joe Biden for following safety protocols and social distancing. After recovering from the coronavirus, Trump continued his campaigns but threw caution to the wind and dismissed all preventative measures again.

Trump’s advisers have been consistently trying to persuade the president to take the pandemic more seriously but to no benefit. Trump also ridiculed Biden at another rally, claiming that the Democratic candidate would follow the advice of health professionals if he were elected.

He is not present at any meetings held by The White House Coronavirus Task Force. Instead, he takes advice from a radiologist who opposes health professional’s advice on preventative measures.

Trump has also refused to dismiss his chief of staff who largely mishandled the president’s coronavirus diagnosis and hospitalization.