Ever since the result of the US elections came out and it was declared that Joe Biden is going to the White House, the entire focus of the media and public has been on Donald Trump’s acceptance of his loss. He has been continuously protesting and saying that the election was rigged and Joe Biden did not win by a majority.

Furthermore, Trump said the entire system was made to ensure Joe Biden wins. Donald Trump’s remarks have not been endorsed factually by anyone. From media outlets to expert journalists, everyone seems to accept that Trump lost and must concede.

Trump’s recent tweet caught attention once again as he wrote that Joe Biden had only won because the election was rigged. Although, it also gave the idea that Donald was ready to accept that Joe is the new American President now.

still not Ready to ConcedeOnce the tweet went viral, Trump took to Twitter once again. This time, he wrote that he didn’t accept Joe Biden as the President. He once again insisted that the system was unfair to him.

He said that the many inconsistencies are labeled as “system errors” and are being unfairly dismissed in his appeals. As if that was not enough, he wrote another tweet with capital letters. stating that he was the real winner of the election.

Joe Biden’s staff also commented on the situation, saying that Trump needs to accept the reality and understand that there are many issues of national and international importance awaiting the new president.

The Trump administration has tried hard to fight and build a narrative that the election results weren’t right. They have not faced any success so far. The legal head of Trump’s team, Rudy Giuliani stated that he had proof of elections being rigged, but says he cannot comment more on it.

Former President Barack Obama congratulated Biden. When he was asked about Trump’s non-acceptance of the defeat, Obama backed his former vice president Biden and claimed that there was no proof that Trump had won.

Bernie Sanders also shared his thoughts on the matter. He believes that Donald Trump continues to degrade the honor of American Democracy every time he denies the election results.