It is believed that Donald Trump would run for the presidency again in 2024, which has become a cause of concern for many. Some are considering bringing criminal charges against Trump to convict and disqualify him from future presidential runs.

This year is marked by a gruesome health crisis and a controversial presidential election has only added to the chaos. The coronavirus pandemic did hit the US economy very hard and left many astray.

Not only have hundreds of thousands of people died, but millions of jobs were lost too during this period. Amid all this chaos, the elections took place in November 2020, which caused more havoc and divided the nation further.

The two parties were neck and neck until the final election results had arrived. The people of the U.S. finally chose Joe Biden to be their next president with a record setting vote count in his favor.

According to the numbers, Joe Biden secured 306 electoral votes, which are about 51.4%, and a total of 81,255,933 votes. Donald Trump secured only 232 electoral votes which are 46.9% votes and a total of 74,196,153 votes.

Donald Trump has not accepted his defeat and continues to claim that the elections have been rigged. He mentioned even before the elections that he had doubts about the electoral system of the US.

When the results came, the Republican Party did not take it well and immediately declared it fraudulent. The party has now funded numerous recounts of votes in several states in the US, but to no avail.

After the results, Trump still has about 10 more weeks in the office and he can do a lot during this time. His post-election actions and failures have led critics to believe that he is a threat to democracy.

It takes a lot of time and effort to build a strong and stable democracy and it does not just happen overnight. Many have faced troubles and made sacrifices to defeat authoritarianism and help democracy survive.

These sacrifices must be made continuously to defend democracy even after it is established. Donald Trump is believed to be one of those leaders who have led US citizens to doubt democracy.

There are rumors that Donald Trump will run for the presidency in the elections again in 2024, representing the Republican Party. The rumors have led people to discuss the matter of criminal charges against Donald Trump.

However, criminal prosecution is not the only solution and Congress would hopefully make better use of this time period.