President Donald Trump is still fighting legal challenges in multiple states and several Republicans and reporters such as Fox News hosts are backing his claims and supporting him in this pursuit.

Trump appeared for his first interview after the election on Maria Bartiromo’s show on Fox News. Even though she is a journalist known for her credibility, she still supported Trump’s lies.

Several Republicans are avoiding to speak up on the matter while Trump spreads lies and conspiracy theories and accuses the DOJ, FBI, and a few Republican governors of being in on the voter fraud. Ron Brownstein from CNN draws parallels between this situation and in the 1950s when the Republicans remained silent during the crisis with Joe Mccarthy as well.

A senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, Jonathan Rauch, wrote in Reliable Sources to explain Trump’s tactics. He believes this is a propaganda technique that is nothing but a disinformation campaign.

He proceeds to explain that he aims to confuse people and raise doubts by disseminating various lies and conspiracy theories and to spread as much disinformation as possible.

He adds that for this tactic to work, his claims do not need to have any logical backing or proof and they can be ridiculous and wild because his only purpose is to create chaos and confusion among people until they start asking questions.

Rauch goes on to state that this situation can become very difficult to manage for democracies and no one before Trump had ever thought of using a disinformation campaign for his agenda. He explains that to counter such tactics, awareness needs to be created among people about what Trump is trying to do.

Fox News is a pro-Trump news outlet; however, Trump is frequently displeased with them. The channel broadcasted Bartimoro’s interview with Trump two times, but afterward another news anchor, Eric Shawn went completely against their pro-Trump rhetoric.

Shawn reiterated the fact that Trump continues to pursue his voter fraud allegations even though several people including local and national elected officials, federal and state courts, and even a few of the lawyers from Trump’s legal team have claimed that there is no substantial evidence for his allegations.

However, many believe that since Bartiromo’s show receives more views on average, Fox News is still succeeding in its mission to spread Trump’s lies among their audience and to ‘radicalize’ them as stated by an on-air staffer from the outlet.