Trump supporters were stranded on the road during a cold winter night after a rally. Omaha faced severe traffic jams, and this meant that hundreds of people were forced to spend their nights out in the cold.

Reports show that the last winter night was so severe that a few people who were stranded develop conditions that require hospitalization.

After Trump flew from Omaha, the traffic came to a complete halt. The people were stranded on the airport and roads.

Trump has a huge following when it comes to senior citizens. The rally in Omaha was packed with senior citizens who came down from different places to support Trump in the upcoming Presidential Elections.

The parking was a long way from the rally and people walked in the cold winter night. Many people waited long hours for the shuttle services to take them as it was difficult for them to walk.

Police reports stated that there were first responders on the scene to attend to the people’s medical needs. The reports also indicated that several people were treated that night and this is the reason that only seven were hospitalized.

Authorities ensured that the people were taken care of. A statement was released the next day and adding that people were provided with a heater and hot drinks to comfort them.

This turned tables against Trump as the opposition used it as an opportunity to express their opinions on the situation. Joe Biden criticized the arrangements being made for the supporters.

Joe Biden criticized the arrangements being made for the supporters

Joe was not polite in expressing his views and took Trump to task. The crux of his statement was that the Trump administration is not taking the coronavirus situation seriously and the current rally indicates the same.

Aside from the political rivalry between Trump and Biden, the people being stranded on a cold winter night showed poor arrangements. This will not reflect positively on Trump in the upcoming elections.

Thousands of them waited long hours while spending their night in the open air.