It all started at the Save America Rally and ended with 5 dead and dozens injured. The world witnessed what happened in Capitol Building on Wednesday 6th January 2021 and what shocked everyone is that Trump ignited the situation with his 2 hours long speech and the result is apparent from the outcome.

After the riots ended; the Capitol Building was freed from the rioters and a search began to find the people who were filmed during the rummage and caused mayhem inside.

Nobody supports their actions and everybody condemns what happened in Washington, but the staunchest followers of Donald Trump are greatly disappointed with the way he handled the situation.

There is a great regret among the voters who voted for him as they cannot come to terms with witnessing such havoc in their great country.

Trump’s pre-and post-reaction to the episode caused disappointment among the voters, they even exclaimed that he tried to play on both sides.

After Trump got his Twitter handle back, he released a video immediately condemning the attack, which many termed as CROCODILE TEARS.

One of the rally participants told the sources that he traveled all the way from Pennsylvania to attend the rally and he is a peaceful citizen of the USA and had no intentions of causing turmoil, but after the speech ended, he could feel his rage boiling too. Though he didn’t participate in attacking the Capitol, according to him, this incident should be a wake-up call for Congress.

Another rally participant said this needed to come out as the frustration grew after the rigged elections.

The alarming thing to note here is that these malignant views have sown their seeds so deeply that the division among the nation will only deepen in the years to come.