As the coronavirus continues to ravage the American soil, President Donald Trump insists that the virus will soon disappear completely.

Hundreds of deaths, over-crowded ICUs, and lack of testing kits narrate a different story altogether. Yet, the president is more concerned about proving his words right.

A statement reveals that President Trump being right is far more important than creating actionable strategies.

His passive leadership combined with ignorance regarding the facts about coronavirus is causing dissent among the general populace. Despite being proved wrong on various occasions, President Trump continues to insist that the virus will disappear.

In the absence of effective vaccines, Trump continues to rely on the fact that the citizens may develop herd immunity overtime. In an alarming move, the White House is pushing against the Senate’s request to increase the virus testing budget. If approved, this move could prove crucial in curbing the spread of coronavirus.

Trump Thinks He’s ‘right’ on The Coronavirus Pandemic

President Trump’s stance on coronavirus is doing more damage than good even for his political self-interest. According to Washington News Poll, Democratic Joe Biden holds a 20-point lead over the current president regarding the pandemic’s handling.

Does this bother Trump? The short answer is no as he continues to blame others, concocts lies, and accuse others to offset the damage.

This approach offers a glimpse into the working of Trump’s mind. He doesn’t need to work hard; he just needs to convince enough people that he has won a great battle. It is a gamble but only time will tell how it will pay off in the future.

As of now, coronavirus is still on the rise with daily average cases of around 60,000. The number of deaths resulting from the virus has a daily average of 700 and increasing. These numbers are only about to get worse in the future.