Jason Miller, senior advisor to Donald Trump has announced that the former president is planning to return to social media within the span of 2-3 months with a BANG.

Miller further claimed that Trump is planning to make a return with his own platform, which will completely transform the social media game. Trump will lead from the front. According to Miller, Trump anticipates that his platform will attract “tens of millions” of new users and social media activists which will “redefine the game.”

Trump was banned from many popular social media platforms after the January 6 Capitol Building riots. Twitter and Facebook blocked former President Donald Trump’s accounts after his supporters barged into the US Capitol that resulted in five deaths. Snapchat also followed the suit and blocked Trump’s official account.

These actions were taken in order to prevent him from spreading misinformation, inciting violence with his venomous words.

Trump has always been active on social media and his word tatters made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Trump proved to be notoriously provocative before and after his presidential tenure. He would often land himself in hot waters after tweeting his controversial views.

Before the final ban, Twitter issued several warnings and flagged his posts which were deemed to be in violation of the social media rules regarding abusive behavior or glorifying violence.

Twitter’s Chief Financial Officer Ned Segal claimed last month that even if Trump runs for the office again, the ban will remain intact.

On the contrary, Trump has always complained about social media giants demonstrating biasness toward him.

After the announcement, all eyes are on this new platform. Trump has always proven himself to be a smart businessman. He has all the guts to make his venture successful. According to the reports, there have been meetings and discussions going on at the Mar-a-Lago estate regarding the new social media platform, but no details have been shared.