Almost 6 years after a stadium event in Mobile, the former president today returned to Alabama to energize his supporters once again, demonstrating Donald Trump‘s ability to generate the passion to take him to the White House.

At Cullman’s York Family Farms in the Central Congressional District, Trump will be the conductor of an outside event called “Save America,” with 4 out of 5 votes in 2016 and 2020. Four people will vote for Trump.

This is his first speech in Alabama since in the Senate Special Race 2017, he campaigned for Luther Strange.

The entry starts today at 14:00 pm with guest speakers, live music, and food and drinks dealers.

The rally starts at 17 p.m. Nine speakers have been slated to speak before Trump, according to Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl. The former chairman takes the stage at 7 in the evening.

The Speakers included Wahl; Todd Starnes, columnist and commentator; Garlan Gudger, State Cullman; Robert Aderholt, Haleyville Congressman; Andrew Sorrell, State Representative of Muscle Shoals; Steve Marshall, State Prosecutor; Will Ainsworth, Lt., Government Sen.; Tommy Tuberville; and Mo Brooks, the Congressman with Trump’s approval at the U.S. Senate.

Wahl said soon after his election in February he started attempting to re-introduce Trump into Alabama. He claimed the presence of the 45th president will help republican Alabama to build momentum for the elections next year.

In his statement, Wahl stated that Alabama is the country of Trump and that he has such a special connection with the citizens of the state, and he is pleased to visit the fourth district of Congress where he won his highest percentage of votes in the general elections in 2016 and 2020.

The Alabama Democratic Party denounced Trump’s coming to Alabama as a dreadful thought. Wade Perry, Democratic Party’s executive head, warned that at a time when Covid-19 is filling Alabama hospitals it may become a COVID-19 “super-spreader.”

The Alabama Democratic Party stated that it will welcome Trump with billboards, with slogans like “Welcome to Alabama, Liar,” and letters from its fundraisers to members and supporters.

Since his departure, Mr. Trump has frequently maintained his unsubstantiated claim to have been elected by President Biden due to electoral fraud and irregularities.

The US Secret Service will ban Chairs, coolers, alcoholic beverages, posters, weapons, knives, and umbrellas.

Firearms, aerosols or balloons are not allowed at the Cullman Trump rally.