There was a video posted on twitter that recorded at Florida community of retired people, “The Villages”. The video showed two groups of people, Trump supporters, and opponents, standing and protesting against each other.

U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday tweeted admiring of the video of his supporters reciting “white power,” a bigot motto related to racial oppressors.

He later erased the tweet and the White House said that no one proclaimed against the president on that tweet.

The video showed a man driving a golf truck showing Trump signs and banners yelling White power.

Trump retweeted the tweet on that video saying “Thank you to the great people of The Villages”. In the video, the opponents were also indicated protesting against Trump and his devotees shouting “Nazi,” “supremacist,” and obscenities at the Trump supporters.

The only Black Republican Senator Tim Scott said that he believes this behavior is unfortified. He said that Trump should not have retweeted such video and he should bring it down.

After the President deleted the tweet which shared the controversial video a White House representative, Judd Deere released a statement. The statement said that President Donald Trump is a big fan of The Villages.

Trump approvingly tweets video showing ‘White Power’ chant

He did not hear the fight going on between his supporters and opponents, he did not hear any bigotry statement, and all he saw was incredible energy from his numerous supporters.

However, the reporters did not get any response when they asked the White House representatives if Trump condemned the comments slogans of “White Power” of his supporters.

The president’s choice to feature a video including bigot slogans comes amid national retribution over race following the passing of George Floyd and other Black Americans. Floyd, a Black Minneapolis man, kicked the bucket after a white cop squeezed his knee into his neck for 9 minutes.

Fights against police ruthlessness and inclination in law authorization have befallen the nation after Floyd’s tragic death. Then there has additionally been a push to evacuate Allied landmarks, an exertion Trump has restricted.

Trump, since he has retweeted and removed the post from twitter, is being condemned by many. His act of deleted the tweet has fired up more debates that truly isn’t about the president bringing the video down.

This is about the judgment of the president in posting it on a public forum. It is about what the leader of the nation believes in and it is time that people face reality.