The senior advisor for Trump’s campaign has reported that he’s confident Trump will be re-elected because they hold the states of Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and North Carolina.

This means the campaign will have more than 290 electoral votes in the bag on the day of the election.

Trump has been conducting several rallies with Election Day approaching. He has visited Iowa, Georgia, Florida, and Michigan which are all essential battleground states.

Moreover, in Michigan, he convinced people by emphasizing that Biden is in favor of the North American Free Trade Agreement while Trump’s administration prioritizes creating more manufacturing jobs in the US.

His advisor also continues to explain that they have many backup plans that will lead to Trump’s reelection. For example, he claims that if they lose the state of Arizona, they are still leading in Nevada and Michigan according to their modeling.

In addition to this, he claims that they are going to win in all of the Sun Belt states that Trump won previously in 2016 as well. He also adds that if Trump wins one of the four states: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Michigan, he will be re-elected.

He also claims that he is confident Trump will be reelected no matter what the Democrats have up their sleeve. He also continues to ridicule Biden for visiting Minnesota because he believes this means they are concerned. The GOP has not won in the Democratic state since 1972.

Trump’s adviser Jason Miller Confident That President Will Be Reelected and Would Sweep Sun Belt StatesHowever, the senior advisor to Biden countered this point, saying that if Democratic states are shifting their votes, so are Republican states. Biden is leading in states such as Georgia and Texas that Trump previously won 4 years ago.

She also adds that the reason there has been a record number of votes in this election is that people want change, and they want a new president.

The nine states that are key to the election are Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. Both the candidates are currently spending all of their time and money rallying in these states to gain their votes.

According to the national polls, Trump is lagging behind Biden by 10 points. However, electoral votes are the most essential in determining who wins the White House.