Even though the Electoral College is set to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s victory on 14th December, the Republicans are still refusing to accept this fact.

Trump’s voter fraud allegations have been dismissed in various state courts throughout the country and his efforts will receive one final blow after the meeting of the Electoral College. However, the President has still managed to win in some regards.

Trump has been successful in convincing the Republicans, the majority of whom have either been propagating his allegations or been silent. He also appealed to his supporters to donate to an election defense fund for which he has received above $170m.

Right-wing media has also played a role by supporting Trump’s entire stance to an audience of millions of people. Moreover, this will continue even after Biden is inaugurated in January with the Republicans believing the lie that Biden won illegally, spreading disinformation, and urging violence from supporters.

A senior advisor to the Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump group spoke on the matter and said that these series of events have proved that the Republicans do not listen to facts, truth, or the voice of reason. Their stance isn’t a particular public policy; they only want more and more power.

 Agenda Will Harm American Democracy Even Through Failing LawsuitsTrump spent months preaching against mail-in voting, believing it to be fraudulent. He also claimed that the only way Biden would win the election is if it was stolen from Trump. According to the Democrats, the only way the results would not be disputed is if Biden won by huge margins.

That is exactly what happened. Biden won the election by 306 Electoral College votes, whereas 270 are needed to win. In the popular vote, he is also leading by above 7m.

This amounts to a margin of a whopping 4.5% which has not reached such high numbers since the presidential election in 2000.

All of Trump’s lawsuits have been rejected, with no fraud or counting errors discovered. As a last resort, he also attempted to convince the Republican officials in Michigan and Georgia to block the results; however, they refused to do so. Even judges that Trump appointed have dismissed his court cases.

The attorney general who is a staunch Trump supporter isn’t even supporting him as he explains that the justice department has not been able to find any evidence supporting Trump’s voter fraud allegations and the results of the election cannot be altered now.