As the elections approach, the pressure is increasing on both the presidential candidates. The nervousness is evident from Trump’s contradicting statements.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump was ready to approve federal economic relief. But hours before that, he wanted to end the negotiations with the Democrats.

He did this because he claimed that Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, was making demands that were not possible for him to agree on. So he ordered Steven Mnuchin, the United States Secretary of the Treasury, to stop bipartisan talks regarding the stimulus package until the elections.

As this was not unexpected enough for people, something else happened 7 hours later that further confused the Americans. He tweeted on the same day in which he ordered his administration to work with the Democrats so that the federal stimulus can be approved.

At night, the House and Senate got a message from the president in which they were instructed to approve the $25 billion in aid for the airline industry. This was important because the airline industry is in a very critical situation as they had to fire thousands of employees after the financial aid expired last week.

Trump’s Contradicting Tweets Leave Economic Relief After that, Congress was called to help the owners of small businesses by giving $1200 payments to millions of Americans. He thought that small businesses were in dire need of such aid as a large number of them are closing down due to losses.

Despite Trump’s tweet, Mark told the press on Wednesday morning that the negotiations regarding the stimulus package are not happening.

Mnuchin asked Pelosi if it is possible to only grant the relief fund for the airline industry to which Pelosi responded by saying that he should review the bill and it is mentioned that Republicans have blocked standalone bills.

Pelosi said that it is really hard to read the president. The reason he did that might be because he saw the downside of not negotiating.

Trump stayed out of public view as he hasn’t appeared after coming back from the hospital. It is confusing as he agreed to pass the deal in the hospital, disagreed after a few days, and agreed again.

The stock market went up and down according to his statements. It is evident that the Democrats want one comprehensive package.