It is an open secret how Donald Trump has dismissed all the recommendations of the healthcare professionals shared to prevent the spread of the COVID. Even after contracting the virus himself, he was firm on his stance about the pandemic and ignored the preventive measures suggested by WHO and CDC. But experts believe that this is one of the main reasons that led to his downfall.

During Trump’s tenure as the president of the United States, the unemployment rate did go down and the economy appears to be flourishing, but the coronavirus changed the entire situation. It has shaken the global economy and the US economy was not immune to its effects. However, after a few months of economic recession, which financial experts also compared with the great depression of 1920, the economy started recovering. The speed of economic recovery after such a massive downfall was unprecedented and Trump boasted about it in his presidential speeches.  However, his approach to addressing the COVID crisis was not well received by US citizens.

poor handling of COVID led to his downfallOver 200,000 people died and millions got infected. Hospitals were full and the former president kept on undermining the issue. This Joe Biden used to his advantage and not only made people realize that he is better equipped at handling such a crisis but also received endorsement from Barack Obama, who still has a huge fan base. Now more than ever the country is in need to normalize relations with other economic powerhouses like China – something people believe that only Joe Biden can pull.

poor handling of COVID led to his downfallDonald Trump in his 2016 election campaign hinted to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something better. But since he failed to deliver on this promise and Joe Biden planning to aggressively reform the healthcare sector, thus the US citizens have given him preference over Trump.

Joe Biden is planning to increase taxes and may implement strict measures to prevent the spread of the virus that may or may not include imposing another lockdown, which is bad news for the economy. But people are convinced that they need to survive first and can figure out the economy later, which helped Biden win the 2020 presidential elections and led to Trump’s downfall.