As vote tallies are reported in the media, it is clear that Biden is leading and Trump’s hopes of re-election are diminishing. In light of this, Trump’s campaign has begun filing lawsuits to delay the vote-counting process, to create uncertainty, and to perpetuate conspiracy theories.

Legal experts have, however, commented on the matter believing that the lawsuits will not be effective and even if they are, they will not be able to change the results of the election.

Trump is filing lawsuits in all of the swing states that he has lost or he has a high chance of losing such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Georgia. His allegations include claiming that mail-in ballots are fraudulent, and the campaign observers did not have enough access to poll counting.

Trump’s US ElectionHis legal battles have shown no fruitful results with two lawsuits already being lost in Georgia and Michigan. A law professor from the University of Kentucky commented on the matter saying that the lawsuits do not hold up and their only purpose is to create confusion and suspicions among people.

Joe Biden is leading in votes in Pennsylvania and Georgia which has caused Trump to protest against the delayed vote counting. However, the mail-in ballots favor Biden because Democrats largely voted through mail whereas the majority of the Republicans voted in-person.

Moreover, counting mail ballots is more time consuming because the envelopes have to be manually opened and the information on them has to be verified. Some states such as Pennsylvania are taking longer than others because they were not allowed to count the ballots until Election Day.

Trump also lost two lawsuits in Georgia and Nevada, because he did not have solid evidence to present for his claims and the election officials testified against his allegations.

Many of Trump’s supporters have been gathering outside the election centers to protest against the vote counting, even though there has been no evidence to support his claims. One of the supporters claimed that he does not trust the election officials.

He continues to add that they are not counting the votes accurately and that there’s no way to verify whether the mail-in ballots are fraudulent or not. However, the election officials have very detailed methods to ensure the verification of ballots.

Trump was successful in increasing observer access to the vote-counting; however, this will only increase transparency and will not provide any evidence of fraudulent votes.