Washington D.C police are high on alert as they suspect a rally in September in support of the suspects of the January 6 riot. However, the people close to the ringleader of the original rally need nothing to do with it. 

Despite its reputation with Proud boys and origin with a former official of Trump’s marketing campaign, in the higher ranks Trumpworld, the scheduled occasion is not even on the radar. Associates of the former president, former Trump’s white house officials, and campaign brass of 2020, and many others had no idea of the September 18 rally until they were taken in the loop by the Everyday Beast this week. Almost all of them denied it.

“I hadn’t heard about it,” said the former senior aide from the Trump reelection marketing campaign. He added “I believe Jan. 6 defendants are massively abused, for certain. However, doubt I’d partake in any occasion.”

Moreover, the two individuals who are familiar with the matter said, they are not aware of the ex-president Donald Trump – who ever since leaving the White House has been defending January 6 rioters – even getting an invite to the September 18 rally. 

 Matt Braynard, who also served as a marketing director of technique and information for Trump’s first Presidential marketing campaign as director of technique and information, is the organizer of the event.

According to Buzz feed, during the campaign, Braynard was fired as he asked for the raise, on which many of his colleagues defended the action with the statement, “wasn’t really qualified.”

Regardless, Braynard stayed as Trump’s local advocate and resumed working with the campaign to prove his viewpoint that massive voter fraud cost the ex-president 2020 elections. After his failed attempts to contact the former president’s marketing campaign about “Illegal ballots,” he finally caught Donald Trump’s son’s attention on Twitter. He got the permit to Trumps’ marketing campaign headquarters, where once he was refused entry.

Braynard disclosed, “The right people who need to know about this event are aware of it and are very aware of what we’re doing.”