Tucker Carlson from Fox News, a reporter widely praised and loved by the conservatives, received severe backlash from the right recently.

This was because he criticized Sidney Powell, a lawyer from Trump’s legal team who made unsubstantiated claims about voter fraud at a recent press conference.

Carlson began by discussing Rudy Giuliani’s claims and how he had provided evidence for his claims and further investigation could reveal more. He also explained to his viewers that he reports everything with an open mind, even covering UFOs at one point.

He then proceeded to explain that his team had contacted Powell and invited her on the show to discuss evidence of her claims, but she had refused to do so. He added that she also did not provide any evidence for Trump’s campaign team.

After his show, Carlson has been brutally criticized by the right. Many Trump supporters attacked him on Twitter while right-wing media and famous internet personalities who support Trump also came after him with pitchforks.

Powell responded by re-tweeting the criticism directed at Carlson as well as accusing him of insulting her at an interview.

This is evidence of the fact that Trump supporters will attack anyone who criticizes the Trump campaign even if the criticism is coming from right-wingers. Even Carlson, who is generally loved by the conservatives, was subject to a major backlash.

Criticizing Sidney PowellCarlson responded to the backlash and said that a lot of people have reached out to him about his show, including those from the White House as well as the Trump campaign.

However, he proceeded to explain that although both he and the White House are on the same page that the election was unfair, they also admit that no evidence has been provided by Powell for her claims.

Even when criticizing her, Carlson agreed she was right that electronic voting is dangerous. He also added that he hopes she soon steps forward to provide detailed evidence about how the voter fraud took place.

Powell also continued with her claims even after the election and accused Georgia’s Governor and secretary of state of being involved in a voting-system contract award.

Following this, Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis from Trump’s legal team released a statement to cut ties with Sidney Powell. They removed her from the campaign, and she is no longer a lawyer for the president either.