Due to COVID-19, the way we used to do things normally has been changed. The process of ‘voting’ has also been changed and mail-in voting has been introduced.

Although these elections are similar to any other with the only difference being that Donald Trump is trying to get reelected and to do that he is various tactics including passing false remarks. He questioned the mail-in voting process’ credibility, which led the tweet to be marked misleading by Twitter.

Twitter has taken notice of Trump’s tweet that might result in growing conflict at the governmental as well as the citizen’s level. He commented on the vote collecting procedure not being safe as far as the spread of coronavirus is concerned.

Twitter not only checked his tweet but re-checked it to assure their concerns. The tweet was intended to cause problems in the smooth voting system as identified by Twitter.

According to Twitter’s policy, the content of this tweet might be deceptive to the general public. Therefore, it was restricted from all the functions.

It was not the first time that Trump’s tweet has been labeled by Twitter. Earlier, when his tweet was found offensive, Twitter had to deal with it by calling Trump.

Twitter Slapped Trump’s Tweet about Mail-In Voting with a ‘Misleading’ Label

He took the support of Section 230 from the Communications Decency Act of 1996 to highlight the action of Twitter as wrong. According to Trump, no matter how intensive his statements come out to be, they should not restrict it.

However, Twitter does not imply false restrictions. As voting is one act that a common man can do to either make or shake the future of a country, it should not be facing any obstacle in its way.

And clearly, Trump calling it unsafe for the public to vote as ballots might not be cleaned properly. It can impact one’s duty to vote.

He earlier called the voting system a ‘fraud’. Therefore, the public only has one question to ask, ‘Is it right for the man to comment on sanitizing of ballots who once opposed wearing masks?’