The feud between Texan senator Ted Cruz and actor-comedian Seth Rogen has intensified on Twitter. It all started when actor Seth Rogen blamed Senator Ted Cruz for fueling the Capital Hill riots.

And when President Joe Biden signed the Paris Climate Agreement, hell broke loose, and the Republican Senator and the actor took to Twitter to criticize each other.

The Republican senator hit below the belt when he commented that Rogen was suffering from Tourette’s Syndrome which yearned him criticism from all over the country. The comedian was quick to acknowledge his medical condition.

The actor’s followers started a hashtag trend #SethRogenLovesTedCruz to rally the senator. Fellow actors Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Billy Eichner also took to Twitter and posted supporting messages for the comedian while criticizing the Republican senator.

This is not the first time Cruz has engaged in a Twitter feud with an actor. Last year, he was found to be engaged in a feud with actor Ron Perlman, regarding the soccer players kneeling down during the National Anthem rendition to protest against the brutality of the police in the wake of George Floyd’s killing, which triggered the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement.

Cruz, on the other hand, didn’t acknowledge that he used the term ‘Tourette’s Syndrome’ as an insult to Rogen. Cruz was criticized for being ill-informed about Tourette’s Syndrome, and how he used this term to insult an individual living with it.