Two girls aged three and five, dropped over the New Mexico-Mexico border wall by smugglers, have been found unhurt. The goal is to reunite them with their mother in the U.S.

According to the reports, the Border Patrol officials rescued two girls from a remote area, West of El Paso. The officials have termed the incident as ‘appalling.

Two human traffickers had dropped kids on the American side of the border from Mexico end without any remorse along with a bag filled with their belongings and passports.

According to Gloria I. Chavez, the Chief Patrol Agent said that an agent, who was operating a camera, spotted a person dropping two children from a 14-feet high barrier.

Chavez further stated that the girls are doing fine now. They are loving, resilient and talkative, and pretty much unaware of what they have been through. Thankfully they did not sustain any severe injuries from the fall.

Chavez exclaimed that she has been in this career for more than 25 years now, but she has never come across this kind of ruthlessness before. She said that she was shocked to learn about the incident. These remote locations are very challenging for the border patrol agents to monitor.

Chavez concluded that they have also found a bag that contains the kids’ belongings, phone number, and their passports. There was a phone inside the bag also to contact the mother of the girls, who works and resides in New York.

The mother has been found, and an investigation has been initiated into the incident.