Two Virginia cops have been charged for reportedly raising their guns on an Army officer during a traffic stop and spraying him with substance.

According to the complaint lodged on April 2, Windsor police cops Joe Gutierrez and Daniel Crocker stopped Black and Latino U.S. Army 2nd Lt. Caron Nazario. He was dressed in his uniform. According to the lawsuit, they stopped him in a brand new Chevrolet Tahoe SUV because he didn’t have a back license plate. The lieutenant was going back home after a tour of duty at the time. Cops followed the lieutenant, who then stopped his car at a petrol station as seen in the CCTV footage.

The complaint alleges the officers breached Nazario’s liberties as a civilian and seeks financial penalty in the United States District Court. Officers followed Nazario, who then pulled over at a petrol station, according to body camera video.

Officer Crocker wrote in his statement after the incident that the driver was avoiding police and that he found it a high-risk traffic stop.  According to the complaint, Nazario wasn’t escaping police; instead, he was attempting to pull over in an illuminated place for his and the officers’ protection.

According to the complaint, Gutierrez admitted that Nazario’s choice to take to a brighter place happens a lot, mostly 80 percent of the time and that the movement convinced him that there was at least an 80% chance that Nazario was a minor.

The car was brand new. Nazario had unofficial number plates taped inside the vehicle’s back windshield because he hadn’t yet received real plates. According to the complaint, when officers reached inside his vehicle, the number plate was seen in the back.

The CCTV Footage showed that Officers yelled at Nazario to place his arms out of the window and threatened him with their weapons. We can hear Nazario telling the cops in the video that I’m deathly scared to get out of the car to which one of the officers responds “Yes you should be.”

The officers then seek to detain him for “official misconduct” and not obeying their orders to get out of the car, according to the video. As the officers screamed at him to get out of his car, Nazario held his arms up in the air and closed his eyes, clearly shaking from the spray. After he got out of the car, they asked him to get down on the ground and put on handcuffs.

According to the complaint, the officers used excessive force when they had no reasonable reason that Nazario had violated the law.  The incident did not result in any charges being filed against Nazario.