Two youngsters lost their lives in the Spanaway Lake in a heartbreaking drowning incident. One teenager suffocated while attempting to spare his sibling, dying down at the lake.

The siblings, 14 and 15 years of age, were in the restricted swim zone utilizing a little floater. Officials were informed that the pair were not good swimmers.

They were drowned while swimming in the dangerous zone of the lake. The two of them swam in the reserved swim region with only a little floating device.

Two teenage boys died Sunday evening in Spanaway Lake, authorities with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office said. He also informed that both drowned while playing and they swam off to the dangerous area. Their families were present there at the lake.

Pierce County sheriff’s representatives said the young boys were out on the water utilizing toy floaters.

One boy was going down and the other tried to help him while calling for help.

Sargent Jake Gregor with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office said “One of them went under the water. The other one started screaming. The second child swam out and tried to find his brother and then he never came up,”

The rescue teams dashed to the location as soon as they got the emergency call. They quickly recovered the bodies of both of the boys and took them to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital. The boys couldn’t make it and were pronounced dead.

The rescue teams reached as fast as they could and searched the whole area where eye witness was pointing. The rescue divers told that the lake water wasn’t clear. It was murky with made it difficult for them to find the boys.

“Neither of the boys were strong swimmers, it’s my understanding and neither of them had life jackets on. So they were out over their head in the water,” Gregor said.

“It is tragic all the way around,” said Doug Dimock, an eyewitness at the lake.

Delegates are hopeful this misfortune fills in as a suggestion to guardians to be mindful when their kids are out on the water.

They located one of the boys within 5 minutes, although it took the divers about 30 minutes to find the 2nd sibling close to the bottom of the lake.