The entire world has been brought down to its knees by a virus that spreads like wildfire. The virus was first discovered in China and by the time a global state of emergency was declared, it was too late.

Critics claim that the World Health Organization is under the influence of the Chinese Government. This influence has led to misinformation and changing statements.

Another disadvantage to this was the fact that WHO delayed declaring coronavirus to be a pandemic. This led to a state of panic and countries did not get enough time to prepare for the virus before it reached their borders.

Ever since the pandemic began, scientists all over the world have been trying to figure out how the virus works. Its confusing symptoms and varying effects on individuals made it all more difficult to find a cure.

Nevertheless, scientists have somehow got a hold of the way COVID-19 behaves and they are trying to develop vaccines. Recently, Russia announced that it has created a potential vaccine that is on clinical trials right now.

On the other hand, The United Kingdom also claims to have made a vaccine that could be rolled out soon. Clinical trials are yet to be completed in the UK and the vaccine has been prepared at Oxford University.

The UK announced that it could prepare at least 30 million shots of the vaccine by the time September arrives. The British Government is confident that this vaccine will be effective and it would be the first country to achieve this.

In April, it was announced by Oxford University that they had a license agreement with AstraZeneca. AstraZeneca is a pharmaceutical manufacturing company that would prepare and distribute the vaccine worldwide.

At first, it was told by AstraZeneca that by July it would be determined whether the vaccine was effective or not. However, some experts are of the view that at least 12 months are needed to finalize a safe-to-use vaccine.

Around $79 million were given by the British Government as funds for the vaccine preparation project. After September, the pharmaceutical company will deliver more than 100 million shots of the vaccine across Britain.

However, many countries are worried that this hunt for discovering a cure for the virus could cause trouble.