Ukraine has announced a state of emergency amidst growing military tension from war-loving neighbor Russia.

The Ukrainian government formally announced a state of emergency in the country after Russian President Vladimir Putin highly praises the hypersonic missiles and the military forces of the country which are eager and ready for a battle.

This might be the last warning from the Russian end as President Putin addressed in a video that he will be projecting 150,000 military troops to move further ahead to the borders of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Ukraine just announced a 30-day state of emergency nationwide amidst growing tension with Russia.

The state of emergency announcement is waiting for official approval from the parliament which would, later on, allow extra protection to all the public facilities, additional checks on documents and transports, and severe restrictions upon traffic.

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated on Wednesday that he was “always open for direct and honest dialogue, for the search for diplomatic solutions to the most complex problems, but the interests of Russia, the security of our citizens, are non-negotiable for us.”

Russian President addressed the press soon after the Federal Council – the upper house of the parliament declares unanimously in deploying “peacekeepers” to two of the most pro-Russian areas of Ukraine which recently declared their independence from Ukraine.

The Kremlin announced its independence while stating that the areas are still controlled by the Ukrainian military.

As the Kremlin announces its independence the Russian president was all praised for his military’s “professionalism.”

“We will continue to develop advanced weapon systems, including hypersonic and those based on new physical principles, and expand the use of advanced digital technologies and elements of artificial intelligence,” Putin said.

“Such complexes are truly the weapons of the future, which significantly increase the combat potential of our armed forces,” he further added.

The western world has been sending warnings across the globe for weeks now that Russia is planning to invade the neighboring country as it keeps on deploying more and more troops at the border of Ukraine as well as have been actively involved in a proxy war.

Ukraine’s National Security and Défense council imposed a state of emergency nationwide on Wednesday.

“The main aim of the Russian Federation is to destabilize Ukraine from inside and to achieve its objective. To prevent this from happening, we decided today and made this decision today,” Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Défense Council said. “These are all preventative measures, in order to preserve peace and calm in the country and for the economy to continue to work.”