For more than 600 days, people were barred from entering the soil of the United States of America because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The American airports were bombarded with eager travelers who had been waiting for over 20 months to travel to the United States. The Mexican and Canadian borders were overwhelmed by the eager travelers and long queues were formed at the borders even before the sun rose.

The US-Mexican border, which is considered to be one of the busiest borders of the world, saw an overwhelming surge of travelers. It is estimated that around 350 million people cross the border annually.

A similar situation was at the European airports where a rush was seen for U.S.-bound flights.

The United States of America eased up its requirements for foreign travelers stating that only a negative covid-19 test is required before boarding the flight to America and if the traveler is 18 years old or more, then it is mandatory to show that he/she has been completely vaccinated.

The sea-bound or land-bound travelers are also supposed to show proof of their vaccination when they arrive in the United States of America.

Travelers from more than 30 countries have been waiting for a very long time, especially from China. The United States of America had imposed a travel ban related to covid-19 on China at the very beginning of the pandemic in February of 2020. Countries like Ireland, Iran, and the United Kingdom were added to the list by March 2020. The list grew and more than 26 countries were added to the travel ban list such as Brazil, South Africa, India, and many countries from the Schengen area of Europe.

Travelers from these countries were more than eager to travel to the United States in order to meet their families, friends, enjoy their honeymoons, or just be back home being stuffed in the respective banned countries.