The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s chancellor Ronnie Green was called out to witness the huge protest outside the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln just hours after he suspended the fraternity.

The UNL chancellor had officially announced the suspension of the fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta; whose members are commonly known as Fijis. The fraternity was suspended after a sexual assault incident was reported at the premises of the fraternity right across R street from Nebraska union.

UNL chancellor Ronnie Green had stated that an investigation had been started regarding the sexual assault reported by one of the students of the university.

The protestors vowed to keep on protesting until and unless the administration of UNL takes strict action against the fraternity and the student who is accused of committing the heinous crime. 

Liu-sang who arranged the protest and represented the demonstrators stated that “we will come out every night until they move the letters – letter for letter – of this house. It’s not enough that they suspended them.”

A petition was also filed by the protestors calling out the UNL administration in public while demanding BAN FIJI FOREVER”. As per the reports more than 148,000 signs had been made on the petition.

According to the campus police chief Hassan Ramzah, the sexual assault incident was reported at 3.47 am on Tuesday. The respective department has not released any further details regarding the case.

“No more rapists in our faces” was the chant of the crowd as the protestors grew in numbers. The university police officials had to accompany the crowd to ensure their safety and make sure no traffic approaches the protestors.

The alleged sexual assault is said to be the 103rd rape on campus since 2005 and the 78th incident since 2015 according to the data provided by the journal star. The shameless thing is that only eight hours after the alleged sexual assault at the Fiji house another rape was reported at the university premises.

According to Marcee Metzger, the executive director of Voices of Hope; a local victim advocacy organization, the actual number of rapes at the UNL campus is much higher than what is reported.

Metzger stated “I think it’s really important there’s accountability. Voices of hope stand in solidarity with the survivors of sexual violence who are experiencing this, but also those protestors who are out there saying, please pay attention to this.