Republicans have warned the Biden Administration of the health crisis affecting the southern border. With an unprecedented influx of migrants, the already alarming situation is getting worse with each passing day.

Thousands of asylum seekers, mostly from Central America, have been forced to return to Mexico, creating a humanitarian crisis on both sides of the border.

The number of illegal migrants in the United States is estimated to be 12 million – most of them belong to Mexico and Central American nations.

James Comer, a Republican Senator from Kentucky has written a letter to the secretary of homeland security, criticizing the policies of the Biden Administration. He thinks that relaxing border security means ‘more illegal immigrants are invited’.

The increased influx is also creating problems for the new government, as President Biden’s policies would not cover new migrants, and seems that the crisis would only intensify. Although he has pledged the favor but is still indecisive on how the new migrants would be handled.

Following such a big humanitarian crisis, where parents have been separated from their children, and with health concerns mounting, President Biden has ordered reopening of the migrant cases, which can further slow down the return process.

It is assumed that the policies of the Biden Administration could intensify the crisis at the border. President Biden has also ordered the construction of a wall and has moved to end the Migrant Protection Protocols.

Mexico agreed to accept Central American migrants seeking US asylum until their asylum case has been heard in the US court. The asylum applications of 25,000 people – targeted by this policy are still being examined.

Almost 78000 immigrants tried to cross over to the United States in early January this year.