The unprecedented winter storm which has affected more than 25 states, continues to break records. The country has reported the lowest temperatures and heavy snowfall. The government has issued an advisory that has warned people about the unprecedented harsh conditions in winter. The current weather cycle is set to affect southern Texas and northern Maine in the coming days.

The National Weather Service has termed the recent cycle a ‘polar plunge’ that’s going to wreak havoc on different US states. The temperatures are predicted to remain below zero for the coming week.

Texas suffered a major power outage on Monday, leaving more than 5 million people without electricity. Dallas and Houston also saw few powerless hours in the day. They urge the people to reduce the use of electricity so that the flow of power can be maintained in the state.

The winter storm was unprecedented and it could be a once in a time occurrence. The weather conditions are brutally harsh in Texas. Four people are reported dead in the wake of the winter storm.

President Joe Biden has declared an emergency in the state of Texas and has ordered the state authorities to help the people, and be prepared for any kind of calamity. The disaster relief efforts are continuing in order to provide assistance and resources to the ones who have gotten affected by the storm.

The heavy snowstorm resulted in 6300 flights getting canceled across the country, and more than 5500 flights were delayed. Many airports are closed until the weather conditions get better.

More than 70% of the country is expected to be snow-covered by Tuesday afternoon. The second spell of the storm can leave more people without power with snow-cladded roads and trees and power lines in treacherous conditions. An advisory has been issued stating that roads can be as hazardous as they are during the hurricanes of category 5, therefore the residents are advised to take precautionary measures beforehand to avoid any kind of mishap.