The mainstream media has begun blaming, insulting, and shaming unvaccinated Americans as the country is consistently reporting a spike in the Omicron cases

The “substandard” act by the media has made the medical and health professionals speak up, as they say, these tactics won’t be of any use unless the media aims to divide the nation.

On Tuesday, a Washington Post journalist, encouraged the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, on his discouraging remarks for the unvaccinated, urging people worldwide to make life “a living hell” for those who refuse to get vaccinated.The opinion section which was titled, “Macron is right: It’s time to make life a living hell for anti-vaxxers.” is the most recent example of the mainstream media and liberal journalists calling for Americans who chose to not get vaccinated to be mistreated.

Dr. Wes Ely, the critical care professor at Vanderbilt University, who also studies the Covid virus as a member of CIBS Center, firmly believes that vaccine is effective, however, he does not support the members of the mainstream media who sincerely wants to get past the pandemic by shaming and insulting the unvaccinated.

Dr. Ely said to Fox News Digital, “Shaming people does not change behavior, and in fact, it can get them more entrenched in their current behavior.”

“We all want to do something that will be effective, not ineffective,” Ely added, believing that addressing fears and concerns of the unvaccinated and educating and counseling them on the science behind would be far more beneficial than insulting them.

“Anyone who calls to shame another human being is resorting to a substandard approach and not a humane approach to helping us increase our connection, our human connection through good communication,”  said  Dr. Ely. “What really is effective is highly effective, you know, interpersonal connection on a human level where we’re listening to one another and shaming isn’t listening. Shaming is talking down to and denigrating and that won’t be effective.”

However, many liberal sites and columnists supported the Post and attempted to criticize the unvaccinated. The far-left host of MSNBC, Joy Reid, went too far with the hatred as he said, “unvaccinated Americans be paid less in the workplace (regardless of what their job is), face higher insurance premiums alongside groups like smokers, and pay higher medical costs if they ever get sick.”