President Donald Trump has finally agreed to give up on his voter fraud allegations and leave office.

Republican congressional leaders, senators, Trump’s family, and Trump himself are preparing themselves to be the next in line to run for the next presidential elections in 2024. However, it is unclear whether they will follow in his footsteps to continue his legacy of racism, grievance politics, and nihilism.

Any other Republican might not stand a chance if Trump plans to contest in 2024. The editor of the Cook Political Report shared his opinion on Twitter, saying that if Trump is not impeached, he will run for President again in 2024.

Several loyal pro-Trump Republicans have decided to part ways with the President after the attack on the Capitol. The Vice President, Mike Pence had clashed with Trump and claimed he could not continue to support his demands to overturn the election results. The former chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, who previously helped the President with his impeachment trial, has also announced that he cannot continue to support Trump and has resigned.

 Republican Leadership What the Future Holds Following the Capitol RiotsTwo Republican senators, Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz were actively preaching Trump’s cause and claiming they will challenge the election results, however, their support led to the violent attack on Capitol, with a police officer and four civilians killed.

Another senator from Arkansas has accused his fellow Republicans of giving the false notion to their followers that there is a possibility of the election results being overturned. Senator Mitt Romney also came out to criticize his colleagues for supporting the attack against their democracy.

John Boehner, who was previously the Republican House Speaker and has not been involved in politics since 2015, also spoke on the matter. He believes the Republicans are in trouble and they must wake up.

The Republicans also experienced a great loss in the runoff senate elections in Georgia, which means they are no longer in control of the Senate, and former Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has also lost his majority. Georgia has not voted for a Democrat for 30 years up until now.

Several conservative writers and journalists have been attacking Trump since the siege on the Capitol, calling for the President to be held accountable and immediately removed from office. They also criticized the Republicans who were supporting him for violating their oath.

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Truth, Justice & the American Way
Truth, Justice & the American Way
4 months ago

Your falsifications are a disgrace and a discredit to the known facts established through photographic and eye witness evidence. Please keep your views off the internet.

4 months ago

This impeachment on Trump is absolutely ludicrous! The only reason the Democrats are going after him is because neurotic Nancy peloosi hates him. As far as I’m concerned she is being vengeful and hateful and is a bigger disgrace to our country than anybody else, including Trump. I don’t know how she was voted back in but I’m sure it wasn’t on an honest note. I agree the Republicans are in trouble. Honestly I don’t know how anybody can be held responsible for somebody else’s actions, especially adults! Was Harris or pelosi or Schumer held responsible for the riots that… Read more »