For any game lover, the best news is to find out that new games are going to be released on Xbox 360. There’s no doubt that the Xbox 360 is one of the most popular gaming consoles all around the world, which is owned by the tech giant Microsoft. Since its release, it has provided a sense of comfort and thrill among gamers whenever there is a new game release for Xbox 360.

Currently, there are various new games scheduled to be released for Xbox 360 that without any doubt most of you are already waiting for. Below is a whole list of new Xbox 360 game releases that you should know.

Red Wings: Aces of the Sky

The first in our list of new games being released on Xbox 360 is Red Wings: Aces of the Sky. It will soon be available for Xbox 360 users. You might have played several games from World War One and World War Two where you have to pilot a plane while destroying different enemy bases.

Well, those games were classic with no extra features, but Red Wings: Aces of the Sky is one step ahead with all the modern features and updates that will make you go crazy for it. During the free version, you have four different levels to pass, and the difficulty of these levels can be set by the player.

For each level, you will be provided with a different kind of plane with a couple of skins that you can choose. As far as the paid version is concerned, it has a whole story play for you to enjoy, and complete missions accordingly. Here you can choose different planes of your choice and upgrade your skills with every mission passed. So basically, this game is one way to dive in the time of World War One.


This is another Xbox 360 new release that gamers are eagerly waiting for. If you like being one of the most powerful players in the game with all those superpowers, then for sure this new Xbox 360 game is made for you. When Harrow is destroying the city with the help of his undead army, then you must end up his cruelty from this Calagan city, and free the people from the terror of Harrow’s army.

Now, this is a 2D game, but it is not like other games that you used to play in the past. This 2D game is developed under the environment of the latest technology, so the graphics are improved with a lot of fantastic features that would just let you dive in the world of fantasy.

G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout

The next new game release for Xbox 360 is this amazing action-adventure game. You might already be aware of this amazing series where G.I. Joe is trying to restore the world order while preventing all criminal activities of Cobra.

Well, this game is at another level, because it lets you play with both sides while choosing any of your favorite characters to play with. You can either play as G.I. Joe and try to stop all criminal activities or side up with Cobra in his plan for world domination. In simple story mode, you have to pass different missions to move on with the game.

Then there is a second mode as well where you can play in multiplayer mode, and compete with different players around the world while completing different tasks to earn points.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!

If you are a fan of cooking games then this Xbox 360 game new release is obviously for you. You might have played those other classic cooking games during your whole gaming experience, but obviously, a point comes when all those games become boring with you performing the same tasks again and again.

Well with this new Xbox 360 game release you will have much more fun. This game is all about cooking perfectly to win the competition. The story begins with you traveling in a food truck all across the United States of America, and at each spot, you have to participate in a competition with other expert chefs. Now all the help that you have are your two robots Cleaver and Whisk. So, create different new recipes and become an expert chef.


There is no doubt that for game lovers all these new game releases for Xbox 360 are just like a dream come true. Soon these games will be available in the market and online platforms for you to purchase. As obviously more is also on the way to fulfill your gaming expectations.