The United States of America has always been cautious and prudent in order to ensure the security and soundness of its people. To ensure security and to prevent the country from any sort of cyber espionage, the US Department of Justice requested FCC to rescind China Telecom which is basically a subordinate company of the US. The main motive of the US department was to initiate the company’s dealings from the US.

However, the FCC thinks the entire case to be against the security of the United States because the Chinese government can use the company to spy the US. China Telecom stood against the fundamental motive of the FCC and rejected all sorts of assertions. Here are the words of an official of the company:

“In many instances, we have gone beyond what has been requested to demonstrate how our business operates and serves our customers following the highest international standards,” the company said in a statement.”

After this particular scenario, not only China Telecom (America) but all other Chinese Telecommunications has been under intensified perusal and inspection. Not only the FCC, but many other well-ranked companies have also put forward the fraternity threats from China Telecom. These agencies include Homeland Security, Defense, State, Commerce, and United States Trade agencies.

These agencies believe that the United States can be under serious threats that can not only lead towards certain telecommunication issues but also economic problems. The agencies believe that any sort of malevolent and malicious act from China Telecom can not only lead towards certain communicational problems for the United States but it can also create economic issues.

In order to conclude this trouble in a wise manner, the FCC allowed Alphabet, a unit of Google to use some of the telecommunication cables, underwater covering a part of Asia. Google agreed for the operation and also contributed to constructing a link but the regulatory authorities from the United States neglected to use and blocked the link. Facebook also played its part in the construction of the telecommunication links. The cable network is nearly 8000 miles long and covers the area from the United States to Taiwan. The communicational network hadn’t access to Hong Kong.

The direct cable connection with Hong Kong would not be better in the interest of the United States as it can cause serious cybersecurity issues for the United States. In order to make things simpler and to avoid national security problems, no direct contact between Hong Kong and the United States was allowed.

An official from the Defense and Justice Department of United States said:

“There is a significant risk that the grant of a direct cable connection between the United States and Hong Kong would seriously jeopardize the national security and law enforcement interests of the United States.”