A new documentary has made explosive revelations, claiming that senior U.S. army officials lied about the circumstances of the death of four special force officers to their families and the public.

The four soldiers died in an ambush in Nigeria.

The new documentary titled as 3213 Un-Redacted is going to be released on online streaming app Hulu this Thursday. The documentary is about an in-depth investigation regarding the massacre of the U.S. army soldiers that took place on October 4th, 2021 in a small village near Tongo Tongo.

The ambush which was carried out by ISIS fighters had four operational Detachment Alpha Squad 3212 members killed. Sergeant La David Johnson, Staff Sergeant Jeremiah Johnson, Staff Sergeant Bryan Black, and Staff Sergeant Dustin Wright died on the fateful day of October while fighting with the ISIS fighters.

The documentary suggests that Squad 3212 was following the direct orders from the head of U.S. Africa command when the military fighters attacked them. They had been covering them all along.

The trailer of the documentary shows the grieving dad of one of the slain soldiers stating “the army let me down. They let my son down, and then they lied about it.”

The ambush occurred after the Nigerian forces and United States soldiers combined attempted to capture and kill Doundou Chefow, one of the major ISIS commanders in the area.

The attempt to capture him remained unsuccessful and the convoy was ordered to return to the U.S. base.

The unarmed convoy at its return fell prey to a trap set by ISIS fighters. They were caught by the ISIS militia unarmed and without any real support or backing from the U.S. base. As a result, the U.S. army lost 4 valuable soldiers on the ground.

The documentary showcases interviews of the family members and friends of the slain soldiers. The family and friends state that the incident was presented falsely in front of them from the very beginning.

The Pentagon has not responded to the allegations made in the new documentary.