With a soaring number of new cases in the US, Canada had no choice but to stop unwarranted travel by shutting its border with America. In July, an influx of 172,000 people was reported.

A large number of foreigners (specifically Americans) entered Canada for education and work purposes. Permits were also granted to blood relatives of Canadians, workers from essential services, and citizens/residents returning from nations that were under lockdown.

As per government officials, the border will remain closed till August for those not meeting the entry criteria.

Canada has been successfully bringing down its corona cases. However, with COVID-19 hitting new peaks in America, Canada is worried that the inflow of U.S citizens might revive the spread.

Therefore, intense safety measures are being conducted by the State. As of now, improved screening techniques are being followed at all borders.

U.S.-Canada borderThis week, the Public Health Agency of Canada installed officers at 36 highly-dense entry points. These stations checked almost all of the arriving travelers, thus helping prevent the induction of corona cases from the US.

The inbound travelers are questioned about their reason for visit, health conditions, and quarantine plans. If travelers are observed having any obvious signs of sickness, they are immediately transferred to the PHAC members.

Dr. Sumontra views border surveillance as the only option that is going to reduce corona cases. He says that screening techniques contain their fair share of deficiencies such as not being able to detect infected patients.

Despite the increased traveling via land borders, it was due to the collective work of policies and screenings that the outbreak remained contained. Recently some Americans have stirred trouble in Ontario due to their failure to quarantine.

The quarantine policies enforced on US citizens must also be applied to Canadians to regulate their movement. It is further proposed that along with more screenings, the responsibility to assess travelers’ health should be shared by CBSA guards and the PHAC team.

Considering the pandemic situation and its possible rise, controlled Canadian borders are essential in curbing infections.