On Wednesday, President Joe Biden has won many hearts as he signed the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. According to this new law, as many as 85% of US citizens will get $1,400 checks, which according to the president will help them manage their finances to make ends meet. The $1.9 trillion relief bill has allocated a huge sum to help the needy people across the United States. In this bill, the president has ensured that those who couldn’t receive any help from the federal government during the first two stimulus bills will also be getting $1400 checks. If you wonder, you’ll be included in the 85% or not, read on.

Who is eligible to receive $1,400 stimulus checks?

Although the relief package is aimed at helping people and businesses shrug off the negative effects of the pandemic. However, for those who are wondering if they will be getting $1,400 checks, it is advised to read the following points as there are certain income criteria the government has set to check an individual’s eligibility.

  • An individual who has an annual gross income was less than $80,000 in 2019-2020, will be eligible for the stimulus checks.
  • The head of the family whose AGI was less than $120,000 will also be eligible.
  • A couple who files the tax jointly must have AGI lesser than $160,000 to qualify for the check
  • Dependents of a household are also eligible to receive the check, but only if the guardian has less income than the set limit.
  • Households with mixed citizenships living permanently in the US will only be eligible if they fulfill other requirements including the income limit requirement.
  • A US passport holder living abroad will receive the same check that they received during the first and second phase of distribution.
  • Those who live in the US territories will also be eligible to receive the checks. However, the payments will be handled by the respective territories.
  • The discussion is still going if Incarcerated people will receive the checks or not.
  • People who were excluded from CARES owing to Child Support will receive checks.

Who is not eligible for the check?

People who are not US citizens including alien residents will not receive the checks. However, the US non-citizens who are taxpayers may or may not receive the stimulus check depending on their mixed family status.

If the taxpayer is not a US citizen, but their spouse or children are US Citizens, then they will be eligible to receive the check amount. However, if the non-citizen is a taxpayer, but doesn’t fall under a mixed family, one will not be eligible.

Are the dependents liable to get the full $1400 check amount?

During the first stimulus package, dependents received $500 extra in the household income under the CARES Act. During the second phase, $100 was increased taking the amount to $600. Moreover, according to the law, if you gave birth to a baby during 2020 and didn’t receive any checks for them, then you can claim an extra $1,100 check along with the current $1,400 check.

Children born in 2021 or are due and all the dependents including children and adult dependents will receive the full amount of $1,400 for the stimulus check.