In the year 2020, the coronavirus outbreak has taken the world by storm. With an estimated population of 330 million, the US was bound to be on the list of the countries most affected by the pandemic.

Just recently, the death toll from the virus surpassed a startling 140,000. According to calculations, the virus had already spread across 42 States and continues to grow rapidly.

The question on everyone’s mind is how did a first world country end up in such a dreadful position? Well, it seems that Trump and his government constantly downplayed the severity of the virus.

coronavirus deaths surpass 140,000

Initially declaring the outbreak of a ‘hoax’, Trump’s constant denial of the virus, lack of preparation, and a flawed healthcare system all led to this difficult situation.

What started as the resurgence of the virus cases in June turned into an unforeseen rise in death rates weeks later? State data reveals that a total of 5000 Americans are losing their lives to the coronavirus weekly.

While it took Sweden months to reach 5,600 deaths, the US was able to hit this number in just a week. However, Canada has also been controlling the outbreak effectively, recording a total of 8,800 fatalities since its emergence.

The conditions become increasingly dire as mortuaries in the most impacted counties running low on space to support bodies. The authorities are struggling to find other sites to store the corpses.

Counties in Arizona are arranging fourteen coolers that have twice the capacity, with an ability to retain at least 280 bodies. These preparatory measures have been taken by office-holders ahead of time as an escalation in coronavirus mortality is predicted.

Similarly, some cities and counties in Texas have obtained refrigerators that will keep up to 180 bodies.

The introduction of movable funerals has evoked fear in the southern states. It is believed that these extreme measures have been taken because the pandemic looks not very much under control as Trump had claimed.