The number of Americans queuing regularly for shots of Covid vaccination has remained mostly stable throughout the last week after a nearly month-long decline in vaccinations while the country’s attention turns to immunizing adolescents and persuading reluctant adults.

Important Facts

For the past seven days, the US has averaged about 1 9 million vaccine doses a day, a decrease of only 3% from a week earlier, according to CDC’s statistics that cover both the doses, first and second.

  • By contrast, daily vaccines fell by 22 percent in May’s first week and 10% a week in the second half of the month of April, a precipitous fall after months of good progress.
  • Daily vaccines are now more than 40% lower than they were in mid-April when almost 3.4 million doses of Covid vaccinations, first and second, were recorded daily.

47 % of the US population has been vaccinated

According to the CDC, the number is 156 2 million. This is the number that represents 47.1 percent of the estimated population of Americans who have got a minimum of one Covid-19 vaccine dose.

The CDC’s data was at least 48 hours behind real-world vaccines, but true day-to-day figures differed from the CDC’s regular statistics.

Vaccinations for teenagers – Federal regulators approved Pfizer’s vaccine for the age group 12 years to 15 years this week, indicating that regular vaccination rates may stabilize in the immediate future when more youngsters become qualified for vaccination for the first time. Only 3.9 percent of Americans under the age of 18 have earned at least one vaccination dosage as yet.

Important Background

Daily vaccines in the US increased tenfold between January and April. However, the campaign has dropped significantly since then, prompting several scientists to warn that the United States may fail to develop herd immunity, the point from which the coronavirus can no longer propagate freely due to widespread immunity. The demand for vaccination has declined with 59.4 percent of adults have had at least one dose with roughly a fifth of all Americans also refusing to get vaccine shots, prompting authorities to focus their efforts on persuading reluctant individuals to reconsider their minds.

Furthermore, Johnson & Johnson’s was halted for about a week while regulators investigated unusual cases of blood clotting, and the vaccine’s regular rate has yet to resume, according to New York Times figures.