DEL RIO, Texas – The US President Joe Biden, plans to expel Haitian migrants by flying them back to Haiti through scheduled flights that will fly from Texas Border, officials reported on Friday. This decision was taken in response to hundreds and thousands of Haitian migrants, who crossed the border.

The details of the expulsion also included that around five to eight flights will be scheduled a day – as per the government official who has the first-hand knowledge regarding the ongoing matter and disclosed the information on the condition of anonymity. Thereby, he discussed the matter with The Associated Press. He further revealed that San Antonio would be among the departure cities.

Another government official spoke on condition of anonymity that they are expecting to schedule two flights per day, and all the flight members will be tested for Covid.

Since after the Friday news, chaos unfolded as expected. Authorities in the US declared to suspend the traffic for a while and pedestrians in either direction at the Del Rio, Texas Border. The state’s current situation poses a challenge to the city’s authorities as it attempts to manage a significant number of asylum seekers who have been fleeing to the US.

America’s Border and Custom Protection officials stated that it is shutting down the junction crossing with Ciudad Acuna, Mexico, “to respond to urgent safety and security needs.” They directed the migrants to Eagle Pass, Texas, 91 km away.

Haitian migrants passed the Rio Grande through a knee-deep stream, moving back and forth between the US and Mexico, with some people carrying their children on their shoulders. Since the migrants could not purchase anything in the US, they briefly traveled back to Mexico to get supplies and settle down temporarily under a bridge located in Del Rio.

Migrants created their shelters and tents from giant reeds commonly found as carrizo cane and used the river to clean themselves from the wear and tear of their travel.

On Friday, the majority of the migrants found under the bridge were Haitians – said Lewis Owens, a judge. Some families were reportedly found staying under the bridge for more than six days.

Owens further said, trash piles in that area reached 10 feet, two women gave birth, one of them delivered her baby while battling Covid.

Frank Joe Martinez, Val Varde’s Sheriff, estimated that the crowd of Haitians reached 13,700, and more is coming as they are traveling via bus.

The evacuation through flight is large-scale, depending on the migrant’s response. They may be seeing two choices: either they live in fear of being thrown back to their poverty-stricken homeland or go back to Mexico. Children with no guardians are evacuated from fast-track exile.