According to the COVID Tracking Project, the US has reported more than 3900 deaths – a new record for the daily coronavirus death toll.

Hospitalizations have spiked to 125,220 daily, and the infections have reached 225,671 cases. The authorities at the helm of the COVID Tracking Project believe that the number of cases, testing, and the death toll have been affected by the spike in cases during the holidays that are being reported late.

The stats presented by the Project authorities also highlight the fact that the death toll number also consisted of 200 deaths in Washington as a backlog. However, they believe that even if this backlog is excluded, the death toll is still at a record high since the beginning of the pandemic.

With the New Year celebrations, the discrepancies in the data are bound to appear again.

The death toll in Texas has also reached a record high at 326 deaths. According to data, the previous highest death toll was in July at 278 deaths. The healthcare department has also reported more than 17000 new cases and almost 12000 hospitalizations. The state is quickly running out of capacity with only 602 intensive care units left.

US records more than 3900 Coronavirus deathsIn Arizona, Maricopa County reports the highest number of cases at 314,000. The vaccine distribution has begun in the state with 36000 people already vaccinated.

The Governor of the state has released an executive order to make the vaccine distribution process more efficient. Previously every county was administering its own strategy for distribution, however, now the Arizona Department of Health Services will be implementing an integrated strategy for the entire state.

In Los Angeles, to counter the spike in coronavirus cases the National Guard will also be helping at the medical examiner’s office. According to the chair of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, six members from the National Guard will be assisting the medical professionals in addressing the issue till the end of January.

The director of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has reported that the average number of deaths per day amounts to 150.

In Wisconsin, an employee at the Aurora Medical Center removed 57 vials containing 500 doses of the Moderna vaccine from the refrigerator. The vaccine is required to be refrigerated at minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit. The employee has been fired and further investigation is going on.