States from the Northeastern side and New York have decided to further prolong the lockdown till the 15th of May according to the new instructions issued by the federal government as the economy returns to its normal state.

This decision has been made with the counseling of the health authorities. The President, who was previously insisting to restart business operations, is now agreeing to a phase-based strategy after paying heed to the warning from the medical experts regarding what social distancing may do if eased.

Trump’s adapting the suggestion has prevented a conflict with the governors including Democrats. As they believed that it was their domain to decide when and how to relax the orders.

The governors cited the guidance to limit the spread of the virus which, in just a few weeks, killed more than 33,000 Americans.

To date, almost 668,000 people have been tested positive for coronavirus, which has proved to be a deadly count after China.

Since there has been no sign of a vaccine, the COVID-19 could only be contained by enforcing a lockdown to minimize contact of the people and control gatherings.

People were advised to only leave their houses for absolute necessities such as serious health issues and groceries. In the meantime, all the universities, schools, and offices had adapted a work-from-home approach.

Stock markets are forecasting America’s deepest recession since the economic fall of the 1930s, putting 22 million people out of jobs.