As the pandemic is growing around the globe, there are certainly serious issues regarding the economy. To descry the situation, which is undoubtedly not under control, the stock and sectors are getting effective throughout. The USA is now the most dangerous and suffered nation due to the conditions coronavirus presented. Over 170 million people have claimed to lose their jobs which means the policies of Trump are falling apart.

The known Mr. Trump shares expertise in the economic sector (stock market), dexterity of being most liked businessman before being the President seems to be faded off. The stock market is suffering, the oil production has lowered by 10 million barrels a day and the uncontrolled pandemic is creating deceptive chaos.

The market is falling apart with statistically S & P index -1.01%, Dow Jones Transport -2.43%, American airline group -7.59%, and Marriott International -3.96%. Although many other sectors have fallen to the ground, local businesses are completely lost. The statistics have fallen in a single week which means either the Trump administration is not serious of the pandemic or the concentration has moved a little further towards November elections 2020.

The bigot decisions of Mr. Trump have made far dangerous effects on the US and its markets. Although the pandemic didn’t close down the industries and markets till mid-March, the results can be far more shattering and entangled. There is one little bright light on the edge that the sectors most affected by coronavirus are industries, the real estate consumer discretionary and energy which are less important to the stock market. The stock market holds health care, utilities, and internet supplies which are being used more than usual.

Although the financial crisis is being faced by many nations across due to pandemic, the US is not highly affected by it. The supply chain has made less demand but it didn’t completely stop. The bust will be recovered but the time efficacy is not known.

These months of social distancing will create problems for not only the economy but people also. When people don’t have jobs and not enough money to run a home, they won’t be able to purchase what the state is selling to them. The $1 trillion amid crisis might not be enough for the situation ongoing.

Experts say that they require almost $1.5 trillion to $2 Trillion to come near to the stabilization. The brisk actions would have done its effect until now but it seems Mr. Trump was busy arguing with the news anchors and calling them with nicknames. Here it shows the priorities of a state under his leadership which belies from the previous ones. We hope that the pandemic is gone soon